WTS: EU: 85 Warrior (Pve ilvl 364) + 85 Mage (Pve ilvl 355) + Alts

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    Hello there, I'd like to sell my account, I'm the original owner since Vanilla.

    85 Human Female Warrior
    Average ilvl in PVE is 364 (Prot gear), 357 (Arms and Fury gear), 359 (PVP Gear, 3k3 resillience).
    9210 Achievement Points
    525 Mining, 525 Jewelcrafting (w/ about 10 tokens stored, I have most of the recipes).

    Titles : Celestial Defender (First Algalon 25 kill), Herald of the Titans, Bane of the Fallen King, Defender of a Shattered World, Champion of Ulduar, The Undying, and some of the more common titles.
    Mounts : Rusted Protodrake, Plagued Protodrake, Dark Phoenix, Magic Rooster Egg (it's a giant rooster, funky as hell for a ground mount), Traveler's Mammoth, and other usual mounts.
    75+ pets

    85 Worgen Male Mage
    Average ilvl in Pve is 355 (Frost and Fire gear), very little pvp gear.
    310% flying speed
    525 engineer, 512 tailoring.

    Also on the account :
    84 female night elf druid (310% flting speed, headless horseman mount) 525 Herborist 525 Alchemist (transmutation)
    80 human female dk (280% flying speed, 450 enchanter, 450 engineer)
    80 dwarf male paladin (450 blacksmith, 280% flying speed)
    75 human male priest (525 calligraph, 525 alchemist - elixir master)
    76 draenei male shaman (500ish tailor, 450 skinning)
    70 gnome male rogue
    62 human female hunter

    I have all the Pve heirlooms except the helms, most of them are enchanted.
    Total gold on account : 175k
    All transfer and rename services are available.

    I don't know how much this account would go for, so please post to rate it or if you are interested. Thanks !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.