WTS: EU: 85 warlock ally 82 rogue ally (euro) VERY VERY cheap

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    This is my alt account on sylvanas EU server 85 warlock gear is mainly HC blues and a couple of bought epics,He also has 510 inscription 525 herbs so can make gold very easy and he also has prob the best flying mount in the game X-53 touring rocket 2 seater his flight speed is at 285 also on account comes at 82.5 rogue with full rested exp both chars are alliance and both humans

    I am original owner of this account so scam artists dont try anything you will not find a cheaper account than this anywhere,Will use a middle man at your cost

    Price is £35 will only accept paypal or bank transfer

    PM me for more details

    (note the account became inactive on 4th april so buyer will need to re subscribe all details will be given (ID scan) CD key SQ and answer

    Good luck.
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