WTS: EU: 85 Priest (Defender of a Shattered world) + 83 Mage.

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    So after 4 years of playing it's time I hand up the towel and move on. So, i'm deciding to sell my account.

    First of the basic info
    85 Female Goblin - Priest

    Titles: The Insane - Defender of a Shattered World - Astral Walker - Starcaller - Bane of the fallen King - The Diplomat - Champion of the Frozen Wastes - (All horde factions titles) etc etc.

    Mounts: Swift Zulian Tiger - Drake of the West wing - Ironbound Proto Drake - Bloodbathed Vanquisher etc. It's got over 60 mounts, including Mag'har ones too.

    Gear: Average Ilvl is 358. 2 Piece Tier 11 Shadow Gear rest being full epic par rings and cloak.

    PVP gear: Full main sets Vicious Gladiator with Bloodthirsty everywhere else and Vicious weapons with Trinket also.

    Elixir Master 540 (Goblin Racial) - Engineering 525.

    /played is over 300 days /cry :p

    Mage is level 83 with Mining / Herbalism at 525, perfect for farming

    And a level 80 tank druid also with Kingslayer.

    So yeah, I'm looking for a nice price for this epicly geared toon especially with all the rare mounts / titles etc.

    I can provide CD keys / ID / secret answer, etc must be paypal. Message me with your offers or if you have any questions / queries do not hesitate to contact me.

    Must be reasonable bids.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.