WTS: EU: - 85 oldschool Warlock, 9/13 HC, 5 alts, 200K GOLD

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    The account was created on the day of WoW-EU relase, in february 2005. It's been a long 6 years but I no longer have any interest in playing WoW and I'm permanently selling the account.

    I am the original owner with CD Keys, secret answers, photo ID, everything. Never been banned. All characters are fully transferrable.

    The account has about 200,000 gold on it.

    Main character: 85 Undead Warlock, 9/13 Heroic, you will get into any guild with it. Ready to go to Firelands in 4.2.

    Notable Titles: Blackwing's Bane (heroic Nefarian killed), Hand of A'dal (unobtainable since TBC ended), The Immortal, also The Undying, Starcaller, Astral Walker and a few others.

    Gear: ilvl 362 PVE, no PVP gear, several best in slot items.

    Professions: Engineering 525 (Jeeves repair-bot, synapse springs), Jewelcrafting 515 with about FIFTY JC tokens saved up for epic gem recipes

    Mounts: Raven Lord, War Talbuk, VOA25 Mammooth, Traveller Tundra Mammooth, Chopper, OS3D 25man Drake, Ulduar 25man Drake, ICC25man Drake, Argent Tournament squire companion

    NOSTALGIA MODE PALADIN: my first toon, lvl 60 and 8/8 Tier1. Abandoned in BWL.

    82 Tauren Warrior, ICC25 Geared, Engi/Alch maxed @ lvl 80, ICC25man Drake, epic flying, Shadowmourne questline done till three ICC heroic boss kills

    80 Undead DK, ICC25 geared, Enchanting/Alch maxed @ lvl 80

    80 Rogue, ICC25 geared, Inscription 525/Herbalism

    Accepting offers at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.