WTS: EU: 85 Mage, 85 DK, lots of other alts (70lvl~)!

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    Will be brief. Original owner of the account, can provide SQA, all CD-Keys back from classic up to Cataclysm and a photo of my ID card, if the sale goes through. I preffer Bank Transfer or WU in case you have problems with Bank Transfer. Will link full item on chardev.org or armory but will require you to PM me first and have a chat/call.

    Character 1: 85 Undead Mage on Emeriss EU server. 353 item level with PvE gear, 362 item level with PvP gear. Enchanting and Tailoring at max level. Character has 2300 Valor Points and 2100 Conquest Points.
    Mounts: Blue Proto-Drake, Volcanic Stone Drake, Magnificient Flying Carpet, Bronze Drake, Swift Red Wind Rider, Great Brewfest Kodo, Swift Hawkstrider, Purple Skeletal Horse, PvP Mounts - Alterac Wolf, Black Wolf, Black Raptor.
    Titles: First Sergeant, Twilight Vanquisher, Hand of A'dal, The Patient.

    Character 2: 85 Undead Death Knight on Emeriss EU server. Alt. 346 item level. Herbalism and Inscription at max level.
    Mounts: Bronze Drake and Death Knight mounts. Has epic flying.
    Titles: Champion of The Frozen Wastes, The Patient.

    Character 3: 80 Blood Elf Paladin on Emeriss EU server. Alt. Has epic flying and mining/engineering at 190~ skill both.

    Character 4: 72 Orc Warrior on Emeriss EU server. Alt. Has epic flying and mining/blacksmithing at 370~ skill. Has heilroom items too.

    Character 5: 70 Night Elf Druid on Emeriss EU server. Alt. Has herbalism/alchemy on 350~ skill.

    Character 6: 49 Undead Warlock on Emeriss EU server. Alt - banker. Has guild bank with 4 Slots and some old mats.

    Total gold across all characters is 15.000 and materials for another 25.000 at least (has 2 darkmoon trinkets - Hurricane and Earthquake and enchanting/herbalism materials. The mage is exceptionally geared and is ready even for heroic raiding as well as top arena playtime if you got the skills. Death Knight can be used for normal raiding. Other alts except of the Paladin have their professions levelled to coresponding to their level. Contact me with a PM to exchange skype. I will require you to call me so please have some decent english. One more thing - account is currently inactive, but if you got a serious offer I can throw in a 1 month payment!
Thread Status:
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