WTS: EU: 85 human mage - Shattered Halls

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    Looking to sell account as I no longer have time to play it.
    I am the original owner
    Mage -
    Level 85 human. This character has been with me for a few years now, has 50+ mounts including touring rocket, and various flyers. Has the 375 flying skill.
    Herbalism 525
    Alchemy 515
    Has around 27k gold, with many herbs in the bank.
    Has around 15+ titles, including, holiday ones such as love fool and pilgrim as well as random ones such as Ambassador and twilight vanquisher
    PVE gear = Average item level 333, with a number of 356 etc, mainly gear from cataclysm heroics. Has around 2700 honor and a few pvp items.

    There is also a level 76 undead rogue on the account, both on the same server (Shattered Halls) this character has around 7k gold.
    Thanks for reading Im open to offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.