WTS: EU: 85 Human Mage / 76 DK

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    Mage PVE build:

    Head: .wowhead/item=56460/cr...feebled-bodies
    Neck: .wowhead/item=62434/li...-flash-pendant
    Shoulder: .wowhead/item=58157/meadow-mantle
    Cloak: .wowhead/item=62357/cl...ancient-wisdom
    Chest: .wowhead/item=60244/firelords-robes
    Wrist: .wowhead/item=60211/br...-the-dark-pool
    Main hand: .wowhead/item=56357/biting-wind
    Off-hand: .wowhead/item=57923/hermits-lamp
    Wand: .wowhead/item=65172/cookies-stirring-rod
    Hands: .wowhead/item=62364/flamebloom-gloves
    Belt: .wowhead/item=62386/cord-of-raven-queen
    Legs: .wowhead/item=54505/br...ded-nightmares
    Feet: .wowhead/item=58485/melodious-slippers
    Ring1: .wowhead/item=65169/lavishly-jeweled-ring
    Ring2: .wowhead/item=62352/di...-of-temperance
    Trinket1: .wowhead/item=62470/stump-of-time
    Trinket2: .wowhead/item=62047/darkmoon-card-volcano

    Everything gemmed, enchanted and reforged into crit

    Current itemlevel is 356, main spec is frost for PVP and 2nd spec is fire for pve.

    PVP build is:

    4 Pieces bloodthirsty and Gladiator Legs.
    Gladiator back
    Gladiator ring +Bloodthirsty ring
    Emberfire and fireweave for the rest
    PVP trinket with resilience
    All gemmed + enchanted.
    Current resilience: 2591

    Exalted in all Cataclysm reputation

    Mage is 520 enchanting and not much else.

    42k gold, 1k honor 1604 conquest points, 2035 justice points and 1360 valor points

    DK with full heirlooms, and mage has a few pieces of heirloom for druids.

    Only verified Paypal users, give me an offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.