WTS: EU: 85 full epic holy paladin (362 ilvl) + druid and warlock alt

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    85 Holy paladin

    Full epic pve gear with heroic items (362 average ilvl)
    Decent but not full offspec ret and prot
    427 Blacksmithing (for extra gem slots) 520 Jewelcrafting (for epic gems) 525 Archaeology (with alot of rares)
    Ulduar 10/25 drakes
    ICC 10/25 drakes
    75 mounts in total
    Defender of a shattered world titel
    8950 Achivment points

    85 Feral tank Druid

    Full blue with 1 epic item (346 average ilvl)
    517 Alchemy 525 Herbalism

    85 Warlock

    Almost full blue pvp gear with 1 epic (340 average ilvl)
    525 mining

    Account has 14k gold
    Is still currently active (till 28th march)
    Able to transfer server on all chars.

    For more info and if you are interested, PM me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.