WTS: EU: 85 Female Orc DPS Warrior with rare Spectral Tiger and lots of other rares!

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    The account has a level 85 Female Orc Warrior with Spectral Tiger mount from TCG, Murloc Costume from Blizzcon 2007, Big Blizzard Bear from Blizzcon 2008. The account also has a level 76 Night Elf Druid with the Raven Lord mount and 310% Merciless Nether Drake from Season 2 top 10% Arena Teams.

    The Warrior has decent gear and is ready for raiding, also has 310% flying. .armorytool/wow-charac...rior-orc-3380/

    The Druid has 5/8 T6 for all 3 specs and various other tier sets.

    The account has TBC Collector's Edition and both characters have Lurky the Murloc pet and the Netherwhelp.

    Any questions or offers feel free to PM me, will only use paypal and will happily use a middleman if you prefer, however the cost will be incurred on your side.
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