WTS: EU: 85 Druid-80Pala-80Sham-80Priest-71rogue-70warrior

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    Hello i've had my account for 5 years now! and time has come to sell up.
    i have 85 Druid, 80 shaman, 80 priest, 80 paladin and 71 rogue all horde on the same realm! the 70 warrior on different realm

    Accounts time left (See picture)

    Characters that can and cannot be migrated (See Picture)

    Main character druid in game (See Picture)
    Has 310% flying speed, Tailoring 516, Enchanting 506, Cooking 525. Fishing
    BoT 4/4 Achievement and 5/6 BwD so no problems getting into pugs

    PVP EQ: [/URL]

    PVE EQ:[/URL]

    Why should you buy this account?
    - 2 Months game time still left!
    - 15,000 Gold on the account
    - 5 Years work put into the account
    - Rogue has off hand warglaive for you TBC lovers
    - i am the original owner of the account since the account was made and can supply I.D

    I'm looking for £120 GBP for the account, Via paypal verified account!

    How will the deal be made
    After you spend some time talking to me on the phone, once the payment has gone into my paypal account and then i forward it to my bank and when it clear for withdrawal. Then you will receive 100% account info, this includes CD Keys, Address information to the account, secret Question and Answers and my full support if anything goes wrong with the account

    Can i view it all ingame first?
    Sure you can, the account still has 2 months game time still active

    For any more questions/offers please PM me, i'm looking for £120 ono
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