WTS: EU: 6x 85 all pvp geared (good priced)

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    I have an account i no longer use 6x level 85

    Warrior 85
    priest 85
    mage 85
    druid 85
    dk 85
    paladin 85
    priest 84
    warlock 82
    hunter 81
    shaman 80

    Most of the characters have tradeskills mining/alchemy/tailor/blacksmith/JC etc

    Mage has rocket X53 2 seated flying mount
    warrior also has it and so does warlock

    The account atm is frozen but it also comes with a WoTLK account thats linked to it for x3 exp that account is still active all the toons are mainly pvp geared

    add me on AIM evillichzek if interested

    80 GBP takes these 2 accounts
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.