WTS: EU: : 6 x 85lvl + few alts ! Insane account ! CHEAP !

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    I decided to stop wow and now i am selling my world of warcraft account. It still has some playtime so i am abled to show you all of the characters ingame . Please scammers - do not contact me ! I dont accept paypal as payment also . Only serious buyers please . I am the original owner and I have all of the account information .Please, don't think that i will let you log into my account , before the payment is done . Don't try to fool me at any way . The price of the account will be , considered with the buyer , but it will be CHEAP ! Armory links will be given only to serious buyers !!If you want to contact me , find me on my MSN : deleted Here is some info about the characters .

    85 Hunter Night Elf Hunter . PVP character , 3400resilence. Full pvp geared , Epics (gun,weapon,neck,shoulder,back,wrist) , rest items are from the Bloodthirsty set. got the title Knight . Also got the mount Grand Black War Mammoth . 280%fly

    85 Night Elf Druid . PVE Character . 350ilvl . Balance speced .
    Epics (Chest,neck,shoulder,t11 resto gloves,belt,pants,boots). Got about 17 titles , 5200achie points . Many mounts (Headless Horseman's Mount) . Realy nice character. 310% fly . The character has 60k gold

    85 Gnome Mage . PVE Character . Epics (T11 Gloves,Belt,Boots,Trinket). 280% fly . Realy good character . 17-19k dps on cata raids .

    85 DK Night Elf . PVE Character . Tank ! Epics (wrist) 350ilvl. 190k life Unbuffed . Ready for raids . 280% fly .

    85 Undead Priest . PVE Character . Shadow spec full 346 . Ready for raids . 280% fly. Headless Horseman's mount .

    85 Blood Elf Paladin . PVP Character Healer Green geared , got epic pvp weapon+shield . Headless Horseman's mount. Need to do some Battlegrounds with it and it will be ready for high ranked arena matches.

    80 Night Elf DK . Needs to be leveled and geared .
    76 Human Priest . Needs to be leveled and geared .
    65 Draenei Shaman . Needs to be leveled and geared .
    65 Human Paladin . Needs to be leveled and geared .

    The account got all kind of heirloom items . Both armor+weapons .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.