WTS: (EU) 55 General Ranked, Full PvP Geared Sorc Perento

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    Selling my 55 full pvp geared sorc. Very good option for returners in 3.0 Account was for 12 months when gf took game. All veteran rewards taken to each alt before change to gameforge. All char slots filled with each class Gear: - Full condition 2 arena pvp set. 3 part mr socketed 2 part hp 95 socketed. tunic 9, pants +5, shoes +6, rest +2 both - Full mb SW set for pve. on cap with this set - +10 Noble sky dragon emperor's orb. full ma socketed. fused with condition 2 ec pvp orb - Full 55 eternal pvp jewelry - 4.9m ap on char. ranked in general - 174 plat medal - 3k courage insignia - 48k crucible insignia - Miragent quests done till 4th part. Now tunic quest taken. 2/20 tear - Have full DPS stigma tree & other tree till ss (for ss + sof + thunder) Inventory: - 1 Untradeable silence gs - 85 Firm balaur horn (worth 40-45m if sold) - 422 Burning balaur heart - 276x MB 27, 31x HP 95, 36x MA 14, 55x MR 14 - Lots of dyes in wh and some remodels. Also 200m kinah - 1x gold pack in wh Craft: - 508 alchemy, 491 aether, 415 ground gather on main - All pot designs exist in main(except for 'fine recovery serum'). all parts of darkwater orb, all parts but not expert one for darkwater tome, and balic orb,tome designs - One of alts is 41 lvl cleric. Have 527 cooking on him - Other alt is 39 lvl glad. +15 kromede spear(%16 atk speed fuse) and gold armor set for twink. He has 471 tailoring edited profile section for showing all stats. strike resist, mr etc. I'm still working on char. So kinah and AP are increasing every day I will only accept PayPal contact with me for detailed info and price mail: [email protected]
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