WTS: EU: 4x 85 (priest,DK,pala,shamy) and 70 lock

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    Hi guys,i'd like to sell my acc... i have on acc priest,pala,Dk and shamy 85 and lock 70lvl... my acc is more pvp associated...

    .maskedarmory/anonymous-w ... 50020.html
    .maskedarmory/anonymous-w ... 50002.html

    Death Knight
    .maskedarmory/anonymous-w ... 50023.html

    .maskedarmory/anonymous-w ... 50022.html

    .maskedarmory/anonymous-w ... 50004.html

    Priest have full pvp shadow and disc gear,disc gear is with 5/5 set ruthless 2 offset and stuff and wand ruthles,other 371 vicious,shadow is full vicious,also have pve holy gear 370 ilvl... Inscription and Enchenting max skill (cloth hairloom items till 80 lvl)
    Paladin i didnt played this season,but he have full vicious holy gear...engeenering and jawelcrafting max skill
    Death Knight have full pvp gear 5/5 set ruthless + 3 offset and weap and relic ruthless other 371 vicious ... alchemy and herbalism max skill (plate hairloom items till 80 lvl)
    Shaman is 363 pve geared resto... low lvl profesions
    lock and shaman have full brutal/wengefull gear with enchents and gems from tbc... encenting 337
    would like to sell whole acc,but if someone want to buy just 1 specific character we can deal... for more info add me on :
    skype : nemanja_kostolac1
    msn : [email protected]
    im real owner of acc ofc,have full info,such is CD keys,sq,sa,real id scan,and giving my phone number..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.