WTS: EU: 4x 85 1x 80 cheap

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    Selling my world of warcraft account contains 85 warrior/priest/mage/dk and a 80 pala

    2 of the characters have the X rocket 2 seater flying mount mage and warrior

    warrior has around 3 epics rest are HC blues for tanking around 148k unbuffed does have some DPS gear almost capped in blacksmithing and capped in mining

    mage has mainly HC blues and a few random blues capped alchemy and herbs great money making toon

    priest mainly blue items almost capped tailoring

    DK mainly HC blues for DPS

    alt paladin level 80

    mage has 310% flying war 280% DK 280% priest 280%

    The account has just become inactive and i have no intention of resubscribing

    I only want 100 euro for the account this account was made when WoW was 1st released just incase they add veteran rewards

    PM me for more details

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