WTS: EU: 3xLVL85 Warrior-Shaman-DK + Priest71 Pala36Middleman Seller Guide

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    I'm selling this account that i play since a long time for necessity.
    I'll list more or less the details, if you are really interessed u can contact me by mail for more infos..


    WARRIOR 85 HUMAN (Realm: The Maelstrom-Alliance)
    /played 122days !

    ArmsPvP - ProtPvE/FuryPvE
    PvP Gear: FULL RUTHLESS [ img88.imageshack.us/img88/6006/warrpvp.jpg ]
    PvE Gear: Fury ilvl +/- 365 [ img51.imageshack.us/img51/4568/warrdps.jpg ]
    Prot Gear +/- 363 [ img841.imageshack.us/img841/2733/warrtank.jpg ]
    Jewelcrafting 525
    Engineering 525 (Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, Repair/Bank and Mail Bot, Engi googles both for tank and dps and all the gear tinkered)
    - 310% flying speed , 52Mounts, Raf Rocket and Grand Ice Mammoth.
    -All cata reps
    -4000justice points
    -3.5+/- conquests

    SHAMAN 85 ORC (Realm: The Maelstrom-Horde)
    /played 59days

    ElementalPvP - EnhancementPvP/RestoPvE/RestoPvE
    PvP Gear: Elemental FULL RUTHLESS [img12.imageshack.us/img12/2889/unledyln.jpg ]All Resto Ruth offparts
    Enhancement full vicious s10 with Shoudlers, Head, Boots, Wrists Ruthless
    PvE Gear: Resto. Ilvl +/- 362 [img829.imageshack.us/img829/6...anrestopve.jpg ]
    Herbalism 525
    Alchemy 525 Transmute master
    -280% flying speed
    -3k conquest

    DEATH KNIGHT 85 ORC (Stormscale-Horde)

    FrostPvP - BloodPvE/FrostPvE
    PvP Gear: 2 x 1hAxes (DW) 5xMainSet Ruthless, Waist Ruthless, resto Vicious s10 img337.imageshack.us/img337/9130/dkpvp.jpg (1750rbg rating = 2.2k conquest cap right now)
    PvE Gear: Frost ilvl +/- 363 - Blood ilvl +/- 360 img689.imageshack.us/img689/9743/dkpve.jpg

    - 280% flying speed
    -4000justice points

    PRIEST 71 UNDEAD (Realm: The Maelstrom-Horde)
    PALADIN 36 BLOOD ELF. (Realm: The Maelstrom-Horde)

    Almost every heirloom.
    First and Last owner.
    Anything else?
    Contact me via eMail for PRICE and infos.

    [email protected]
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