WTS: EU: 3x 85 Caracters = Original Owner =

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    A Verry Geared Caracters

    LvL 85 Worgen Warrior

    LvL 85 Night Elf Hunter

    LvL 85 Human Rogue

    LvL 81 Mage

    LvL 80 Warlock

    What to Say ... The Warrior and the Rogue is Full Epics in PvP Gear / Also PvE Gear (Full Epics) ,

    Epic Fly 310% for this two Caracters

    Professions Cap Skill

    Enought Gold to do Anithing

    Some Titles Like :

    - Sergent
    - Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    - Kingslayer
    - Jenkings
    - The Patient
    - The Explorer


    Warr is around 5000 Achivments Points

    Im the Original Owner and Buyer Receive Full Info :

    The Account Login , Acc Pass , Secret Question + Answer , The All Original Keys (I Make Photos from Box Game) , a Photo ID .

    All Service Avaible for Changes :

    - Transfer Caracter to Another Account or Server
    - Change Name
    - Change Faction
    - Change Sex
    - Change Race

    I Work 12/24 so i Dont have Much Time to verify my Thread and see the Intersted Persons but i can Check from iPhone my Via E-Mail
    Contact me from Aka_v15@yahoo , i can assist you with Details , we can talk from via e-mails and over phone ,
    Negociating the Price and i wish to know the Person who will buy it , There was my Fantasy Adventure :P ,
    I Hope to be in Good Hands,
    Many Thanks.

    Best Regards,
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