WTS: EU: 358 ilvl PvE/4k resi priest + 85 mage

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    I am the original owner of this account and have all the information needed. If this has any interest to you, feel free to throw an offer below this post or in private message.

    85 troll priest:

    Nearly full 359 ilvl PvE set for shadow dps (has healing items as well).
    4k resilience pvp gear with a mix of vicious and bloodthirsty.
    14k gold
    60+ mounts
    525 skill tailoring/herbalism/archaeology
    310% flying speed

    I have done heroics raids together with 1900+ arena rating on this character, and you will easily do the same with his current equipment.

    85 troll mage:

    310% flying speed
    ~400 skill enchanting/tailoring
    ~3k gold

    Note: the characters are not located on the same realm!

    Danish buyers are prefered, payment will be done through bank to bank transfer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.