WTS: EU: 2 wow accounts !!

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    Im just gonna be a little quick here.

    FIRST ACCOUNT 3xlvl 85 :ilvl 380+ not updated gear but full hc from 378 etc Prot / retri pala with mad vanitys, 8,5k achivs 5k golds. got mounts like violet icc drake red proto etc etc. Alts : rogue 85 and hunter 85 nothing special but hunter got 17 k golds and all got MAXED professions hunter also got bank FULL of mats from herb. AND BTW THE ACCOUNT GOT GAMETIME UNTIL 3/3/2013 !!!!

    SECOND ACCOUNT 3xlvl85 : DK with ilvl 395 pvp 2,4 achiv in 3s (2450) highest rating, and 2k achiv in 2s. He got 20k golds!! in mad pvp guild. nothing more special only a pvp toon.

    ROGUE with ilvl 389 he got the epic daggers from rogue quest. got highest rating in 2v2 and 3v3 1950. he got 84k golds !! Bad pve gear like ilvl 375..

    Mage with ilvl 375 ! Not updated gear from vic/ruth season. nothing special.

    We can discuss the price over skype : kevin.phillips1233
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