[WTS] [EU] 10x90, 85 Masamune Hume Male

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    This has been my main account for about 4 years now. I’ve been given the ultimatum of stay married or keep playing the game. Unfortunately, and against my better judgment (lol) I have to get rid of my guy. This account is packed with goodies and is a premium account 100%. It is an EU account so registering credit cards should be no problem if you play on PC, no need for 3D secure as far as I remember, but I haven’t changed the credit info in 4 years so things may have changed since.

    He is a hume male average height, black short hair and the basic face model. 10x jobs at 90, and 1 at 77. FFXIAH ranks him in the 40’s on the server and 1200’s overall. I will try to list as much gear and facts as possible here, but this add is going to be really long, I will also provide screenshots so you can see for yourself the massive amount of gear and greatness of this account.


    Sam is an 85 Masamune holder with 6/75 hearts done for stage 90, full af3+2, and a 5 hit build IN & OUT of Abyssea. I will provide photos of him in TP/WS/Full AF3 +2.

    At the moment he has 1 million gil (photos will show 1,979,132 gil but some of that is owed to someone) on him, 42 Abyssea Stones and around 1million cruor for brews/etc.

    Would also like to add that all 11 of the jobs were at 75 pre-Abyssea so most of their skill are at cap or very close to it.

    Level 94 Alchemy with Wood at 60, Smith at 50, Cloth at 53, and Cooking at 60.
    Every job is fully merited (897 merits) and 20 merits banked as well. Each level 90 has at the very least some AF3+1 with a lot of them having +2 pieces as well. Notable pieces of gear which are kind of a pain to get are Loki’s Kaftan, Twilight Helm Knife Cape Torque and Belt, Nocturnus Mail, Ocelot Gloves, Danzo Sune-Ate, Moonshade Earring (Aug. for Sam Atk +4, TP Bonus +25), Full set fo HQ Staves, Serpentes Gloves and Boots, Agasaya’s Collar, Aqua and Light Belts, Estoqueur’s Collar & Cape, and 8 storage slips filled with old-school gear from sky,sea, abjs. Etc. I will take and provide as many photos as I can in this ad.

    I’m basically looking for around $700 for this account. It is truly a great account and will make an awesome addition to anyone looking to get into/back into/ or dual box. Middle Man at your expense, and Western Union only because I do not have a PayPal account.
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