WTS: EQ2 Ranger w/ full raid gear + 90 Mystic

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ, 9/29/13.

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    I am selling my prize main account. I am selling one of the best rangers WW. He is fully tier 3 gear including tier 4 pants. This ranger (Guk server) can dps with eased (soloing is a snap) and can top parses. Also included in the account is over 2000 plat! This will allow you to buy anything on the sever when the upcoming expansion hits (expect loot rights for fabled drops to be auction off very high). As an added bonus, the ranger is also an 90 Alchemist (Big time money maker!) Also included on account is a fully raid geared 90 Mystic with over 125AAs. Mystic has some great gear and is ready to raid. I can provide name, pass, secret question/answer, etc. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this amazing account. Almost forgot: Account has 6 year Vet reward which include Call of the Veteren. Asking $600.00 Weapons: Septic Spinsever Umbra, Seraph Blade Keening Blade of Darkness Barrow Flame Rapier Strategist Field Dagger Caertaxian Shiv Ethernaut's Roundshield of Knowledge Enervated Eagle's Talon (Mythical) Debdroxa the Envenomed (Tox) Tetrakalis the Destroyer (Ark) And a ton more not listed… Gear: Full Tier 3 Set including Tier 4 Pants Posined Dragon Claw (Ark) Collected Memories of a Betrayer (Miragul Charm) Earth Hewn Bangle (HM Constuct) Band of the Corruptor (Munzok) Band of the Soulthief Flashing Jewel of the Deep Bloodstained Loop Stud of Unfathomable Terror Flameforged Loop Bladebane Choker Elemental Cloak of the Construct Massive Leather Girdle Coif of Tolled Bells And a ton more not listed…including Sqilak's Elemental Girdle, Copper Patina Ring, Shackle of the Annihilator, Brace of Regulus (great Stoneskin proc for BGs and HMs), Hoop of the Ritualist, Ring of Fungal Horror, Earring of Animosity, Bracelet of Divine Equilibrium, Mithril Band of the Master (Ark), Bangle of Seamless Strikes, Wristlet of Shaded Worlds, Wurm Zaos Toenail, Wyrm Tendon Longbow, and over 2000 plat. Ranger is amazing in Battlegrounds and has several BG pieces. Rangers also has over 140 tokens saved up. Spend them now or wait until expansion. I also have a bunch of tier 3/HM scout gear unattuned. You can start anew and have a ton of great gear at level 90.
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