WTS: EQ2 Nagafen - UBER 90 Inq/Illy/Bruiser/SK 70 Ranger 40 Warden

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    Hello everyone and thank you for reading, Unfortunately for me I have to give up EQ2 and my wonderful account because I no longer have the time to play. Fortunately for you, that means you get all of the benefits of my multiple years of gaming. By bidding on this account you will receive the following, all on the Nagafen (PVP) server. 90 Male Human Inquisitor 250AA's, nearly fully mastered (has all heals/buffs), 5 pieces of T3 raid gear, 2 pieces of T2 gear (shoulders, BP), and some of the best jewelry available in the game. 10 total pieces of gear with ward procs, and a bunch more gear in the bags (for the expansion). 84 crit bonus, 72 potency self buffed. 110% crit mit. All equipment is fully adorned with superior adorns. Full pvp armor. Over 15k pvp kills. 90 Sage, 450 Tinkering, 450 Transmuting. This is easily one of the top 5 best geared clerics on the server and has been for a very long time. Over 250 days played. Detailed gear is as follows: Head: Revered Shadowfyre Hounskull Shoulders: Gleaming Epaulets of Ulteran Conquerors Chest: Chestguard of Divine Equilibrium Forearms: Revered Vambraces of Unknown Power Hands: Revered Gauntlets of Primal Fear L: Revered Plate L of the Plague Feet: Revered Identical Plate Boots Cloak: Cloak of Rituals and Callings (power regen, raiding), Cloak of Crystalline Depths (ae avoid, heals when dpsing) Charms: Charm of Tunare, Melded Runes of El'Arad Earrings: Sanguine Hoop, Loop of Frozen Memories, Crystalline Prism of Light Neck: Stained Glass Necklace Rings: Band of Gloom, Ring of Toxic Soothing, Sparkling Signet Ring, Ring of Blood and Rage (pvp, ae intense fights) Wrist: Chain of Toxic Horrors, Treksar's Invigorated Band Belt: Monsterous Belt of Altered Flesh, Belt of Arcane Thoughts Ranged: Bookmark of Healing Text Shield: Barrier of the Ritualist, Brace of Coporeal Darklight Primary: Brilliantly Gemmed Underfoot Mace (healing) Greathammer of the Deathbringer (DPS) 90 Female High Elf Illusionist 250AA's also nearly fully mastered (has all dps spells and buffs) 1 piece of T3 raid gear, 2 T2, and 4 T1. All fabled jewelry (some very good raid jewelry) and has over 64 potency and 73 crit bonus self buffed. Over 100 crit mit. Has a couple pieces of new pvp armor. Gear is as follows: Hood of Definitive Power (t2) Herald's Armwraps of Disdain Drape of Divine Equilibrium (t2) Brace of the Wyvernlord Dutiful Gloves of the Battlemage Pantalooons of the Blasphemous Scholars Archaic Runed Identical Silk Slippers (t3) Disintegration Cloak Prexian Idol of Storms and Rage Arcane Focus Indomitable Silvered Stud Vulaan's Earhoop of the Herald Blackened Necklace of Ruin Signet of Devouring Taranis' Ring of Unreadiness Bracers of Divine Equilibrium Braclet of Removed Lands Sash of the Primarch Uplifter Control Rod Tome of the Librarian's Mastery Staff of Death's Augur 90 Male Human Bruiser 230 AA's(also nearly fully mastered, has basically everything with the exception of a couple garbage spells) Full t1 raid dps gear, t3 tanking shoulders, 3 total pieces of raid tank gear. Best instance jewelry for the most part (mostly fabled good stuff), with some raid jewelry. 84 Jeweler, 450 Tinkering. Comes with a name change potion (NO-TRADE). 90 Male Troll SK 190ish AA's all experts (a couple masters), some raid armor, some pvp armor, good jewelry from instances/pvp. Great for powerleveling. 70 Male Half-elf Ranger 185ish AA's (locked), full pvp gear, full masters, full best in slot adorns. Maxed tinkering for level. 40 Male Troll Warden 160+ AA's (locked), full pvp gear, full masters, full best in slot adorns. Maxed tinkering for level. This character really can't be much better (won EQ2). I have invested a lot of time into these characters, and because of this, they are very complete. In total, I have close to 400 days played across all of these characters, and that time investment shows. Pretty much every character has close to full fabled gear and near max aa's for the level. The inquis and illy both have full sets of potions and signets and are ready to raid. This account has a TON of transmuted materials on it (including 1 T9 mana, some infusions, tons of lower tier trasmutes worth about 50-100p), over 450 platinum, and the ability to earn even more (ask how to earn 30+ plat a day with this account in under 15 minutes per day) For instance, the inquis can solo a mob in PR for 20p or so plus fabled drops. Also, with 4 level 90's, you will get a 80% xp bonus on any other characters you want to level on this account (a HUGE bonus). I am the original owner of this account. I'm willing to provide you with my personal info (leading up to the sale) and speak with you on the , use service, or whatever else it takes to make you safe buying from me. I am asking for $750 or best offer for this account, which is a complete steal given the time invested into this and the value of having 4 max level characters to help in leveling your own. I would like to sell the account as a complete package, however, if you have sufficient interest in purchasing any of the characters individually, I will consider that as well. If you have any questions, or would like to see any of the gear in detail, please feel free to message me.
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