WTS: EQ2 8 level 90's for sale!

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ, 9/29/13.

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    8 Level 90's to be sold here!Age Of Discovery and all Expansions are Active!!!!! The Best character being sold here is definitely the Mystic. Mystic is geared to the max! 90/300 AA's. EM Drunder Helm, HM Shoulders, Em BP, HM Forearms, HM Gloves, EM L, EM Drunder Boots, 2h HM Drunder 2 hander, HM 1 hander, HM Ranged Weapon, HM Secondary, HM Charm, EM Drunder Charm, EM Set Earings, 20% Increase Ward amount Drunder Neck, Drunder Ring set, Drunder Wrist set, and HM Drunder belt. To go along with this, the Mystic also has a full set of Defiler Armor, better than the mystics set. Both the Mystic and Defiler are fully mastered. Mystic is also a 90 Alchemist and 450 transmuter!!! Next character is the Assassin. 90/300 AA's. Mostly EM Armor set with a couple HM pieces. Definitely HM Raid ready for the "Easier" Stuff. MA is over 400 w/ potions. Definite high parsing character. Next Character is the Illusionist. Got mostly EM Gear with a couple HM pieces. Definitely EM Ready. Fully mastered. Next character is the Dirge. 90/300 AA's. Some EM Gear on him but not much. Fully mastered. 45 Woodworker 450 Transmuter 450 Tinkerer! Other characters are the Bruiser, Berserker, Warlock, and Troub. All level 90 with atleast 200 aa's and various pieces of gear. Account is paid up until 2/15/12. Over 4000 plat split among all the characters. Definitely a good buy for someone wanting to jump in on raiding, or just to have fun with some of the top gear. Comes with 422 raid shards to spend on those runes/adorns as well. Also max faction on the Mystic/Dirge with all DoV Factions. The Mystic has about 80-90% of the War runes unlocked, With the exception of a few drunder runes. Asking price is 600$ OBO!
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