WTS: EQ1 Vulak 65 Necro 237 AA - Fully Ele/Time Flagged and Geared

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ, 9/29/13.

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    Looking to sell my 65 DE Necro with 237 AA on the Vulak Progression server. I am the OO and have all account information. He is fully flagged for every PoP zone and has very nice gear. The account has gold status through 6/18. There is also an 84 DE Necro on the Luclin-Stromm server with 450 or so AA. Post here then contact me and make an offer if you have good feedback. Also willing to trade for a large amount of plat on Fippy Progression server. Can provide Authentic Magelo for serious inquiries. Focus effects on the Vulak toon include: 30% DoT Mana Preservation 15% Mana Preservation 30% All DoT damage focus 20% DoT duration focus 40% Fire DoT damage focus 40% Poison DoT damage focus 40% Magic DD damage focus (Lifetaps) 18% Spell Haste 20% Increased Spell Range Faerune (Enduring Breath, See-Invis, Ultravision) Clickies on the Vulak toon include: Embracing Darkness (63 Snare) Form of Rejuvination II (8 HP Regen) Pyrocuror (lvl 58 Fire DoT) Unbuffed Stats: HP: 6642 Mana: 7787 AC: 1243 Flowing Thought: 12
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