WTS: EQ1:90 Bst t4 ~1900 AA

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    Full lucid t4 visibles, most t4 non visibles (including 2 h2h weps, 1hb wep, 1hp wep and 2hb wep and shield) and only 1 slot of store bought (t4 equivilent) HOT gear. Also has t5 merc. This character does great dps and is a very multifunctional character. With this expansion beastlords become a highly sought after class with slowing, dpsing and now even some pulling ability (FD). He is T4 flagged and geared. This character does NOT have a full aug set. He has a few augs from T4 HOT but these are also easily acquired in exp groups. If you decide to get UF t8 key he also has enough Brellium tokens to buy nearly a full set of good augs for this character. For clickies he has a few damageshield clickies, attack,hp etc. but most notable is Abashi's Rod, which is a great pulling item. He has orb for 2.0 and BP from anguish in inventoy waiting to be made. There are also several claimable loot rewards in lon, including a 'choose your own loot' card , legacies edition. Overall great character, clean account. Nearly a month remaining play time. Also has six veteran rewards. Can show in game. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you. Asking $200. Please PM for offers or questions.
Thread Status:
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