WTS: EQ1 2 Accounts 6 Characters total

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    Acct 1: 65 Druid on Fippy, 60ish AA (progression server), 80 Enchanter on povar, 700aa, 55 Wizz on Vox 6600 Station Cash saved(can be used to buy more subscription time) Acct 2: 65 Enchanter on Fippy, 60Aa, 80 Cleric on povar 800aa, 55 SK on vox 400 station cash saved, account paid until 6/7/12 all the characters are moderately geared for their level/server. No epics. Acct 1 is a RAF recruiter to Acct2 which is the recruitee. RAF is Recruit a Friend program that allows for bonus xp that EQ no longer offers but the bonuses are still in effect. Anytime Acct 1 and Acct 2 are in the same group they get a 100% xp bonus, if character on acct 2 is a lower level then acct 2 gets a 300% xp bonus while account 1 still gets a 100% xp bonus. Original owner will provide all security info and last for of cc for each account Asking 300 for both or 175 each.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.