[WTS] Epic lol account tons of skins and champs

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    I will provide a list of champs with the skins that i own akali- blood moon akali alistair - unchained alistair amumu - little knight amumu aniva - noxus hunter aniva annie-reverse annie,annie in wonderland(legendary),frostfire annie ashe-amythyst ashe blitzcrank - deffinately not blitzcrank brand- apocalyptic brand , vandal brand caitlyn -sherriff cait chogath- gentleman chogath(legendary) , nightmare cho mundo-no skin ezreal - striker ez (limited) fiddlesticks- bandito fiddle gangplank- sailor gangplank -have full crit page also garen - sanguine garen graves - hired gun graves jax - temple jax karthas - grim reaper katarina- mercenery kat kayle -judgement kayle kennan- all skins owned kog maw - lion dance kog maw (legendary) lee sin - traditional lee sin malzahar - djinn malz master yii - chosen master yii (lightsaber) mordekaiser-lord mordekaiser , dragon knight morde nidalee - no skin nocturne - ravager nocturne nunu - nunu bot (legendary) pantheon - percius panthy poppy - noxus poppy rammus - no skin riven - redeemed riven rumble - bilgerat rumble ryze - no skin shaco - mad hatter singed - no skin sion - warmonger sion skarner - no skin soraka - no skin swain - northern front swain taric- bloodstone taric teemo - super teemo , astro teemo (legendary) tristana - no skin tryndamere -demonblade tryndamere (legendary) twisted fate -magnificent twisted fate (legendary) twitch - gangster twitch udyr - primal udyr urgot - no skin vayne - no skin veiger - white mage veiger , baron von veiger , shamrock veiger vladimir - marquis vlad, blood lord vlad (legendary) volibear - both skins warwick -flame warwick, big bad warwick , tundra warwick wukong - no skin xerath- batlecast xerath xin zhao - commando xin , winged hussar zilean - groovy zilean i also have 4 full run pages but enuff runes for 6 or so im asking 150 for this account but all offers will be reviewed the worst i can do is say no would be a great xmas present ---------- Post added 12-05-2011 at 02:34 PM ---------- also willing to use middle man for transaction since i just made this account no scammers here ---------- Post added 12-05-2011 at 06:40 PM ---------- if u buy this account today for 150 ill throw in another lvl 30 account , has some skins etc on it as well its just not as many champs ,still over 500 wins tho , so thats 2 nice accounts for ther price of one
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