WTS: Epic Account. 150+ Skins(Many limited-time only), 17 Rune pages, Gold V, No BansMiddleman Seller Guide

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    I'm currently putting my level 30 North American League of Legends account up for sale. It's a clean account with no bans/tribunals, made around Nov. 2009 shorty after League went open-beta. Bronze for season 1 and gold for season 2. Here's some more details. Normal Stats - Won: 1415 Ranked Stats(S3) - Division: Gold, V Won: 48 Lost: 45 Unique Icons - Champions/Skins - *: Legacy/No longer available in shop **: Event/Unique limited-time only skins Ahri: Dynasty Ahri; Midnight Ahri Akali: Nurse Akali; Blood Moon Akali; Silverfang Akali Alistar: Golden Alistar; Unchained Alistar Amumu: Re-Gifted Amumu**; Pharaoh Amumu*; Almost-Prom King Amumu; Emumu Anivia: Team Spirit Anivia**; Bird of Prey Anivia; Noxus Hunter Anivia; Hextech Anivia Annie: Goth Annie; Red Riding Annie*; Frostfire Annie; Reverse Annie Ashe: Freljord Ashe; Sherwood Forest Ashe; Queen Ashe; Amethyst Ashe Blitzcrank: Goalkeeper Blitzcrank** Brand: Apocalyptic Brand Caitlyn: Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Cassiopeia: -No Skins- Cho'Gath: Nightmare Cho'Gath*; Jurassic Cho'Gath Corki: UFO Corki**; Urfrider Corki; Hot Rod Corki Darius: -No Skins- Diana: -No Skins- Dr. Mundo: Corporate Mundo; Toxic Mundo*; Mr. Mundoverse* Draven: -No Skins- Elise: -No Skins- Evelynn: Shadow Evelynn; Masquerade Evelynn* Ezreal: Striker Ezreal**; Nottingham Ezreal* Fiddlesticks: Union Jack Fiddlesticks** Fiora: -No Skins- Fizz: Atlantean Fizz; Tundra Fizz; Fisherman Fizz Galio: Commando Galio Gangplank: Toy Soldier Gangplank**; Sailor Gangplank; Spooky Gangplank Garen: Commando Garen; Sanguine Garen Gragas: Scuba Gragas*; Gragas, Esq. Graves: Mafia Graves Hecarim: Blood Knight Hecarim; Reaper Hecarim Heimerdinger: Snowmerdinger**; Piltover Customs Heimerdinger; Blast Zone Heimerdinger Irelia: Aviator Irelia: Frostblade Irelia Janna: Victorious Janna**; Tempest Janna Jarvan IV: Commando Jarvan IV: Darkforge Jarvan IV Jax: The Mighty Jax**; Vandal Jax; Temple Jax Jayce: Full Metal Jayce Karma: Sun Goddess Karma Karthus: Reaper Karthus; Phantom Karthus* Kassadin: Festival Kassadin**; Deep One Kassadin; Pre-Void Kassadin; Harbinger Kassadin Katarina: Red Card Katarina**; Mercenary Katarina Kayle: Judgement Kayle**; Viridian Kayle; Unmasked Kayle* Kennen: Karate Kennen; Swamp Master Kennen* Kha'Zix: -No Skins- Kog'Maw: Monarch Kog'Maw; Sonoran Kog'Maw*; Caterpillar Kog'Maw LeBlanc: Mistletoe LeBlanc** Lee Sin: Traditional Lee Sin; Acolyte Lee Sin; Dragon Fist Lee Sin; Muay Thai Lee Sin Leona: -No Skins- Lulu: -No Skins- Lux: -No Skins- Malphite: Shamrock Malphite* Malzahar: Overlord Malzahar Maokai: Festive Maokai** Master Yi: Assassin Master Yi; Ionia Master Yi Miss Fortune: Secret Agent Miss Fortune Mordekaiser: Lord Mordekaiser; Pentakill Mordekaiser; Infernal Mordekaiser; Dragon Knight Mordekaiser* Morgana: Exiled Morgana Nami: -No Skins- Nasus: Galactic Nasus Nautilus: -No Skins- Nidalee: Leopard Nidalee*; French Maid Nidalee; Pharaoh Nidalee Nocturne: Ravager Nocturne Nunu: Grungy Nunu; Sasquatch Nunu* Olaf: -No Skins- Orianna: Bladecraft Orianna Pantheon: Myrmidon Pantheon; Perseus Pantheon; Full Metal Pantheon Poppy: Noxus Poppy*; Blacksmith Poppy* Quinn: -Not Owned- Rammus: Molten Rammus Renekton: Rune Wars Renekton Rengar: -No Skins- Riven: -No Skins- Rumble: -No Skins- Ryze: Tribal Ryze; Uncle Ryze; Professor Ryze* Sejuani: Sabretusk Sejuani; Darkrider Sejuani Shaco: Nutcracko**; Mad Hatter Shaco; Royal Shaco Shen: Surgeon Shen; Frozen Shen*; Yellow Jacket Shen*; Blood Moon Shen Shyvana: -No Skins- Singed: Hextech Singed; Surfer Singed Sion: Lumberjack Sion; Hextech Sion* Sivir: PAX Sivir**; Spectacular Sivir*; Bandit Sivir Skarner: Earthrune Skarner Sona: Pentakill Sona; Guqin Sona Soraka: Dryad Soraka; Divine Soraka Swain: Northern Front Swain; Bilgewater Swain; Tyrant Swain Syndra: -Not Owned- Talon: Dragonblade Talon Taric: Emerald Taric* Teemo: Cottontail Teemo; Badger Teemo* Thresh: -No Skins- Tristana: Buccaneer Tristana; Riot Girl Tristana Trundle: -No Skins- Tryndamere: Demonblade Tryndamere; Highland Tryndamere*; King Tryndamere Twisted Fate: The Magnificent Twisted Fate*; Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate; Musketeer Twisted Fate Twitch: Gangster Twitch; Kingpin Twitch* Udyr: Black Belt Udyr; Primal Udyr Urgot: Giant Enemy Crabgot; Butcher Urgot* Varus: Blight Crystal Varus Vayne: Dragonslayer Vayne Veigar: Leprechaun Veigar; White Mage Veigar Vi: -No Skins- Viktor: Full Machine Viktor; Prototype Viktor Vladimir: Blood Lord Vladimir Volibear: Thunder Lord Volibear; Northern Storm Volibear Warwick: Urf the Manatee**; Big Bad Warwick Wukong: Jade Dragon Wukong Xerath: Battlecast Xerath Xin Zhao: Winged Hussar Xin Zhao Yorick: -No Skins- Zed: -Not Owned- Ziggs: Mad Scientist Ziggs Zilean: Groovy Zilean Zyra: -No Skins- Runes - # of Rune Pages: 17 Marks: +0.91 Armor x9 +1.3 Armor Pen. x9 +0.95 Physical Dmg x9 +1.7% Attack Speed x9 +0.93% Crit Chance x5 +2.2% Crit Dmg x9 +0.90 Armor Pen. +0.61 Magic Pen. x9 +0.87 Magic Pen. x9 Seals: +1.4 Armor x9 +0.43 Physical Dmg x9 +0.78% Crit Dmg x9 +0.25 Gold Per 10 x9 +0.74 Magic Resist x9 +0.41 Mana Regen/5 x9 +1.9 Ability Power @ Level 18 x9 +19 Health @ Level 18 x9 +21 Mana @ Level 18 x9 +1.2 Mana Regen/5 @ Level 18 x9 Glyphs: +1.2 Ability Power x9 +0.70 Armor x9 +0.28 Physical Dmg x9 +0.64% Attack Speed x9 -0.65% Cooldown x9 +0.56% Crit Dmg x9 +1.3 Magic Resist x9 +3.1 Ability Power @ Level 18 x9 +2.7 Magic Resist @ Level 18 x9 +26 Mana @ Level 18 x9 Quintessences: +5.0 Ability Power x3 +4.3 Armor x3 +2.3 Physical Dmg x3 +3.4% Attack Speed x3 +4.5% Crit Dmg x3 +26 Health x3 +1.0 Gold per 10 x3 +2.7 Health Regen/5 x3 +1.8 Armor Pen. +1.4 Magic Pen x3 +2.0% Lifesteal Bonus x3 +2.0 Magic Pen. x3 +4.0 Magic Resist x3 +2.0 Spellvamp Bonus x3 +1.5% Move Speed x3 +2.6 Armor Pen. x3 Influence Points: 3,148 Riot Points: 12 If you have any further questions or would like to propose an offer feel free to reply to this thread or private message me. I'll check-in here every other day or so. I'm starting the bid at $250.00 USD. Preferred payment method is paypal unless you have a more convenient/safer method in mind. I'm in no immediate rush to sell my account so I'd appreciate no 'low-ball' offers. or you go first.
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