WTS Endgame Keeper/Engi/Shade/Agent+lots of alts

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    Hello, Ill divide toons in 3 groups, endgame, semi-endgame, trash. Since i played both RK1 and RK2 before merge i got alots of toons so when u decide to play u will have to choose which one to activate ( i didnt play after merge ) So lts start. Endgame: Keeper 220/30/70 - Omni Trox Enginier 220/30/70 - Omni Solitus - ( got RBP ) Agent 220/26/60ish - Omni Trox Shade 220/27/60ish - Omni Opifex All this toons got everything there is ( DB bracers/beast items/full alpha symbs/ofab/keys/alb items/Xan weps/quests pretty much everything. ) Note: Toons above dont have AI armor cause they were sold separately Semi-Endgame Soldier 218/??/?? Omni Solitus Keeper 220/??/?? Clan Solitus Advy 220/??/?? Clan Solitus NT 200/20ish/?? Twink ( got scout/notucomm ) Crat 200/20/?? Twink These toons got most of needed item for PVM/BS ( Ofab, some alb things,quests,DB nanos,Quest nanos, some pande items, Beta symbs etc. ) Trash 150 MA twink 207 Crat 150 Fixer ( GA IV ) Price for account is 300$ Send me a PM with contact if interested. Can use MM service but then price is 300$+MM service. Thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.