WTS: Endgame account 5x 220 1x 217 omni rk1/rk3

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    Account: Have all expansions, start 2006, VP 10!, playerable to end 05/01/2010 (mm/dd/yyyy) (all OMNI) Doc 220/23/60+ Perfect farm char, PVM and PVP, have all keys, All quests, all nanos, Ranged weapon, Armor=Ofab300, Biodome, Beast. (best for max hp over 25k hp) ql 280+ symbs, Engi 220/23/60+ PVP CHAR!, armor= DBA,Ofab, CC ai armor ql 300, All nanos, all quests, all symbs 280+, all keys, biggest pets, rare rk nanos. Sold 220/24/60+ PVP char! Assoult rifle xan, Armor=Full OFAB ql 300, Have over 28k hp!!!, all symbs 270+, have AMS5! have all nanos, all quests, NT !TROX! 220/24/60+ PVP UBAR char! all nanos, all quests, symbs 260+, FULL PANDE,OFAB ql 300 ARMOR, all keys! 20k hp! Dmg power! Ai dot 24! Agent 217/16/60+ PVP char, Good sniper weapon, all quests for this lvl, all keys, all symbs 250+ armor=Ofab ql 300, Supple ai armor, Pande armor, over 30k hp! All nanos!!! alpha char ENfo 214/11/50+ lvl char, xan weapon 1hb, dreadloch 1hb, all quests for this lvl, all keys for this lvl (not inf) ql 240+ symbs, FULL CM AI ARMOR 230+ PVP ARMOR! Shade 170/6/30+ TOWER med bs pvp char, have good equip, at the moment deperket. but with some times perfect pvp char. MA 220/19/60+ at rk3 with loot ai city! (org president), OFAB DBA armor, ALL KEYS!, ALL quests, good pvm, pvp char... can transfer too rk1/rk2 this account have with some rare items, mull char have many at bank stuffs.... all salles you can get min 3-4 billion!!! I sale this account, becouse have no time for play... its my favorit account! PERFECT accout... I think 500$ is good price for this account! if more ppl need this account, going the price over.... TAKE IT NOW!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.