WTS Elyos Sorc 50 EU

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    Weapon: +11 Enchanted Miragent Tome merged with Orange 50 PvP Tome Sets: 5/5 Full Miragent (2/3 HP, 1/3 MB) 5/5 Full Blue Anuhart (MB) 5/5 Full Dragon Flame fire resist set 5/5 Full Elite 30 Orange PvP Set, 1/5 part of Elite 40 Orange PvP Set (HP) 5/6 Orange 50 PvP accessories but helm (using Viper's Mask instead) PvE armor parts: Orange Dragon Deity General's Shoes, Orange Anuhart Sorcerer's Shoes (5 slots) PvE accessories: 1x Zapiel's Earring, 1x Krotan Sapphire Earring, Kysis Sapphire Necklace, Sapphire Memory Necklace, 1x Miren Sapphire Ring, Menotios' Crown, Triumphant Helm Stigmas: Curse of Roots, Wind Cut Down IV, Vaziel's Wisdom, Curse of Weakness II, Big Magma Burst, Fire Burst II, Lumiel's Wisdom Advanced Stigmas: Illusion, Illusion Storm, Sleeping Storm Remodelling: Miragent set into Researcher's set Viper's mask into Water Spirit mask from Alukina Palace, Beluslan Crafts: Essencetapping: 399 Aethertapping: 399 Cooking: 449 (Expert, including 27 Balic dishes and Perer Aether Jelly) Tailoring: 399 Alchemy: 399 Morphing: all receipts but Big Sapphire/Diamond/Ruby Ore Warehouse: 156 Golden Medals 202 Silver Medals 44400 AP in AP items Hundreds of Foods/Drinks/Manastones Black Cloud Wings, Nestor's Wing Feather 10x Purple Dye (Collector's Edition), 5x Green Dye (Event) 10 months of Veteran Rewards, including about 20 unused Lodas Amulets and Ress Stones and Black Cloud Wing Feather (Veteran reward) 43 Titles Reason to stop playing: health problems preventing to use PC : Please PM me your price if you are interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.