WTS: elyos sm spatalos

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    veteran account - i sell it because i don t have time to play stormwing~s jewel +8 master noble prolix bandana guardian brigade general`s tunic guardian comander`s leggings primal spirit leggings guardian brigade general`s shoes primal spirit shoes guardian brigade general`s pauldrons primal spirit pauldrons tiamat protectorate cloth spaulders guardian brigade general`s gloves primal spirit gloves tiamat protectorate cloth gauntlets guardian comander`s turquoise ring kahrun turquoise ring master noble prolix belt guardian comander`s turquoise earings kahrun turquoise earings guardian comander`s turquoise necklace kahrun turquoise necklace miragent cloth set + weapon :miragent thome +6 110 mil kinah pagati veyron lucky wings ancient spirit`s wings protectorate treasure box key x8 124 platinum medal 9 mithril medal courage insignia 5000 kahrun symbol 1093 lesser contribution boundle x47 contribution bundle x47 major contribution bundle x48 minor contribution bundle x22 fine medal chest x24 bundle of ancient crowns x3 lots of manastones (144 x magical accuracy +14 + others) enchantment stones alot lots of balic items in inventory +more
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.