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    Character 1: level 50 cleric (3/5 Miragent) & (2 Pieces of anuhart gold chain set). MR 1600+ currently. Enough AP saved in items and AP count to get x2 lv50 PvP rings. AP Character 2: Level 36 Assassin (twink) AP Character 3: Level 36 Ranger (less twinked, but still owns) AP Cleric is 3/5 Miragent. L are a lot easier to proc, but after server merges, it's been a lot of fun playing the twink alts! Crafts: 399 Alchemy (Cleric) 449 Cooking (Cleric) 423 Expert Tailoring (Ranger) **The tailoring has all the 33 expert armor set recipes for the leather set (including hat and belt). For cloth it has shoes, body, and l. Kinah: 4mil in actual kinah across all characters. I'm still using the account and will keep the kinah count updated as well until sold. Also has a few mil in crafting materials and unused armor. Cleric and other toons have all of their stigmas. (the sin has all of the required ones in the 30s for slotting at 50, such as oath of accuracy and blinding burst) This account is preselect and collector's edition. It's on its 7 month veteran reward. I'm looking for @ $150~200 USD
Thread Status:
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