WTS Elyos lvl 50 Templar

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    Elyos side, NA servers. Stats - Greatsword Build 744 Attack 385 Crit 1852 Accuracy 9276 hp 1057 MR - Sword/Shield Build 470 Attack 400 Crit 1900 Shield Defense Gear: Anuhart Elite's Greatsword (Combined with lvl30 Non-Elite, +11'd, Socketed with Paralyze) Anuhart Elite's Azure Scale Sword (+1, Socketed with 20% 94 dmg godstone) Zapiel's Shield (+1) lvl40 Guardian Centurion's Breastplate - +10 lvl40 Guardian Centurion's Plate Greaves - +10 lvl40 Guardian Centurion's Plate Pauldrons - +4 lvl40 Guardian Centurion's Plate Boots - +5 lvl40 Guardian Centurion's Plate Gauntlet's - +3 Expert Noble Orichalcum Helm Punishment Helm Dragon Flame Diamond Necklace lvl50 Guardian Tribunus's Ruby Earrings lvl30 Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Earrings lvl50 Guardian Tribunus's Ruby Ring Torment Seal Anuhart Brigade General's Leather Belt Anuhart Set 4/5 (All but templar pauldrons) Full FR Set, 1k+ with it all equipped, this toon has beaten S rank The PVP armor is completely green stone socketed, with ATK/Crit mix, as is the greatsword combine, sword, and shield. PVE Break Power's land in the 5500-6000 range buffed, PVP 3k+ frequently. Any questions, need a screenshot, want to see the live status or whatever, just let me know. Submit an offer when you e-mail me and i'll back to you quickly. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.