WTS elyos Cleric (spatalos)55lvl Pacification staff +10 all stigmas GG gearMiddleman Seller Guide

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    ELYOS 55 Level Cleric on Spatalos WEAPONS +10 Pacification Staff (full MB +27 manastones) +1 Noble Coliseum Champion's Cudgel (Full MR +14 manastones) +2 Stormwing Scale Shield (Full MR +14 manastones) ARMOR Sublime Chain Coliseum Champion's Hood +2 Stately Coliseum Champion's Hauberk (Full MR +14 manastones) +1 Stately Coliseum Champion's Chausses (Full MR +14 manastones) +2 Guardian Primus Pilus Brogans (Full MR +14 manastones) Guardian Primus Pilus Spaulders (Full MR +14 manastones) +1 Guardian Primus Pilus Gloves JEWLERY Guardian Brigade General's Sash 2x Elder rings Vorpal Turquoise Earring Vorpal Corundum Earring Deblikarim's Turquoise Necklace I have also 432308 AP + 31 Platinum Medals, various manastones in inventory 42.6M kinah also hauberk,spaulders,brogans and chauses 40lvl abyss all +10. All greater stigmas for This account has also 4 more characters 42 lvl Sorcerer with full deavanion set and kaligas orb 2xabyss rings +abyss belt 35 lvl Gladiator with kromedes polearm 31 lvl Assasin 30 lvl Ranger pm me for more info up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.