WTS Elyos 50 Templar (geared) Account-Azphel Server ( 1 2)

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    Please Read: If you don't read, I will ignore you ~feel free to post money offer details in thread (please don't PM me "$10")~ ~I'm well aware of how to do account trades~ ~I have sold an SRO account before, I have another one to sell as well if interested~ ~info on personal info will be done through PMs~ ~I'm well aware of the rules and regulations of trading here, you should be too~ ~money is accepted through Paypal OR bank transfer (preferred)~ ~ALWAYS, money WILL be SENT FIRST, then I will send all info~ ~people in NA may reply to this thread, if you are outside, I probably will not trade with you unless you have good reputation (you've bought accounts before and I see that in your forum info) Major +'s to this account is that it has boss gear!!! (it has Jeshuchi's extendable mace!) ~In Game Name is kept private unless a deal is being made or about to be confirmed ~Account expired 4/23/2010 and will need to be renewed ~I'm expecting at least $100 which pays for my 6 month subscription ~BUT I am expecting a LOT more considering what gears I have and such My screenshots are TOO BIG to upload here but I uploaded it at photobucket i410.photobucket/albums/p...Aion/Aion7.jpg i410.photobucket/albums/p...Aion/Aion1.png i410.photobucket/albums/p...Aion/Aion2.png i410.photobucket/albums/p...Aion/Aion3.png i410.photobucket/albums/p...Aion/Aion4.png i410.photobucket/albums/p...Aion/Aion5.png Selling: Level 50 Elyos Templar on Server Azphel (East) of North America Aion (hosted by NC Soft) -also contains a shiet load of alts various levels (these are under lvl 30) -also contains a level 47 Ranger that has crappy gear and crappy stigmas (no focused shots or bestial fury) Extras: ALL Campaigns quests are completed 449 Armorsmithing (390ish vitality gathering on 47 Ranger [not aether gathering]) Abyss Rank 5 Bunch of titles 4 million or so kinah Collectors edition account (already have 6 month veteran reward wings) Extra Lodas amulets in mail Some Self Res Stones HP/MP/Flight Pots/DP Jellies/random stuff and some scrolls will be left on the character Bunch of materials, fluxes, and balaur mats in the warehouse Some items that you may have seen in the screenshots MAY NOT come with the account (given away or just sold to NPC; UNLESS I SPECIFICLY SAID YOU WILL GET IT) Most of the gear I am wearing is Skin Remodeled Miragent's Plate Boots (warehouse) Miragent's Gauntlets (warehouse) 8 out of 30 Sanctum Medals (required for Miragent's Pauldrons quest) 800 or so Stigma Shards Stigmas: I have all that are required for DPS Templar or Tank Templar Inescapable Judgment I Punishment IV Bodyguard I Break Power III Unwavering Devotion I Divine Fury I Holy Shield II Divine Justice I Empyrean Fury I Magic Smash I Terrible Howl I Aether Armor I Incite Rage IV Great Resuscitation I Siege Breaker II ~All in one screen shot right here, too much work for me to SS each one but as you can see already there are 4 Advanced stigs and you see "Templar" so I ain't lying.~ ~see screenshot Aion4 upper right hand corner~ My current gear I am wearing: ~all socketed (see screen shots for what manastones) Expert Orichalcum Greatsword Jeshuchi's Warhammer - one of the few EXTENDABLE in game items! Zapiel's Shield Zapiel's Breastplate Bollvig's Plate Greaves Heavenly God's Plate Pauldrons ELITE Guardian Tribunus's Gauntlets Anuhart Legionary's Plate Boots Koruchinerk's Chaperon Zapiel's Earrings Laigas's Ruby Earrings Kalanadi's Ring Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Ring Menotios's Belt Black Cloud Wing Feather *NEW* ~Haven't taken a screenshot~ Jeshuchi's Necklace Zapiel's Earrings - 2nd pair ~as you can see I have access to boss gear
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