WTS: Eloys 35 Templar - EU - Perento

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    Selling NCSoft master account incl. Guild Wars: Nightfall Aion account is collectors edition and includes 3 Elyos characters: Female templar level 35 - ***************************************************** Female spirit master level 14 - ***************************************************** Female chanter level 10 - ***************************************************** The templar have 4.730.000 Kinah, 21.835 AP and 14 lodas amulets. 399 armorsmithing incl. the design Worthy Durable Orichalcum Shield for the expert armorsmithing quest. Alchemy at 260, extract vitality at 259 and extract aether at 171. Also 2 expert armorsmithing designs stored in warehouse and various fluxes. Fully upgraded cube and 8 warehouse rows. All available emotes. The spirit master have 43000 Kinah and tailoring crafting skill. The chanter is just used as broker alt. Start bid $200 and $300 auto wins the account. Payments accepted is bank transfer or Paypal. Contact either through PM or *****************************************************
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.