WTS ELITE ACO Acct 7 80's 8 mouth game time & expansion + access to beta

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    For Sale: Age of Conan Account PAYED THROUGH TO DEC 2010 - that's OVER $100 value right there! (yes payed! you don't have to pay for a sub until December) The account has been upgraded and you will receive: RISE OF THE GODSLAYER EXPANSION for FREE!! (when the expansion comes out, you don't need to buy it like everyone else!) saving you $40 Also, And right now this acct is invited to The Secret World Beta!!! you get to start up to 9 different toon at what ever level you want and with full Cultural gear, they can be any race, class, looks or even any pvp level you want you even get 35 gold with ever toon!! you can try out any or ever class you dont have, you could say your getting 16 level 80's 7 from the acct plus you get 9 free charter slots from the beta, If you are unfamiliar with this game, its the next MMO by Funcom. ELITE!! Other Account Perks (for every character you will ever make, just type /claim in game): War Rhino mount expanded loot bag Totem of Origins Kosalan Talisman of Clarity (low level necklace with increased regen) Hyrkanian Helmet (Epic lvl 40 item, that increases XP gain and offers Great stat. boosts.) Slavemasters Staff (low lvl spellcaster staff, great to give you the edge when just starting out.) AGAIN, all of these can be claimed by EVERY character you make, no matter what. ALSO, VETERAN POINTS on EVERY CHARACTER! which is used to purchase special items in- game. On to the Characters: [LEVEL 80]~Ranger - Cimmeria Server ~ PvP LvL3 & 70% Lots of Epic gear ~ Feet-Belt-L-Cloak-Shoulders-wrist-Necklace-Cloak Epic Bow + Arrows & Shield & Sword + PvP gear [LEVEL 80]~Bear Shaman - Cimmeria Server ~ PvP LvL2 Epic gear ~ Feet-Belt-Cloak-Shoulders-Hands-Necklace & 2 Epic 2 Handed Blunt's [LEVEL 80]~Dark Templar - Cimmeria Server ~ PvP LvL2 Epic gear ~ Cloak-Pants-ring-Shoulders, the rest is Full Gemed Cultural crafted gear, best you can get besides epics. [LEVEL 80]~Tempest of Set - Cimmeria Server ~ PvP LvL2 Epic pieces, ~ Feet-head-belt-Cloak-Necklace-Shield & Sword + PvP gear the rest Cultural gear. [LEVEL 80]~Demonologist - Cimmeria Server ~PvP LvL3 & 50% Epic pieces ~ Hands-Cloak-Necklace, Mostly Cultural & PvP Gear, but good stuff. This dude rocks!! [LEVEL 80]~Priest of Mitra - Set Server. PvP LvL3 Epic pieces Chest-feet-Cloak--Shoulders, Mostly Cultural Gear, epic staff. Some gold [LEVEL 80]~Guardian - Set Server. PvP LvL1 Epic Helm-Shoulder-Cloak the rest is Cultural gear Epic Weapons. some gold, recipies, Wwaponsmith, gemcutter etc. [LEVEL 62]~Herald of Xotli - Cimmeria Server. PvP LvL3 Decent gear for his level, mainly a PvP toon. Still has some Double XP potions, so it would be pretty quick to level him up. Phew Most of these characters are at LEAST PvP level 2 with great Kills/Deaths Ratio. with the new expansion ever one will be going for the new gear so if you don't like the gear there will be heap of new solo, group, destiny, raids & dungeons for new stuff, If you have any questions,want to make a offer or want more info, please feel free to send me a message.
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