[WTS] DIAMOND S2 S3, 104 champ 55 skin Triumphant Ryze

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    EUWEST 104 champ 250+ rp 9000 ip 9 runepages (lot of runes) s1 top elo:2083 s2: diamond s3: diamond I Skins: 1. Toxic Dr. Mundo 2. Masquerade Evelynn 3.Underworld Twisted Fate 4.Uncle Ryze 5.Professor Ryze 6.Pirate Ryze 7.Highland Tryndamere 8.Dragon Knight Mordekaiser 9.Toy Soldier Gangplank 10.Zombie Brand 11.Victorious Janna 12.PAX Jax 13.Mecha Kha'zix 14.Shockblade Zed 15.Championship Riven 16.Crimson Akali 17.Death Blossom Elise 18.Silverfang Akali 19.Pulsefire Ezreal 20.Queen Ashe 21.Sheriff Caitlyn 22.Urfrider Corki 23.Frosted Ezreal 24.Royal Guard Fiora 25.Nightraven Fiora 26.Headmistress Fiora 27.Spooky Gangplank 28.Scuba Gragas 29.Jailbreak Graves 30.Blast Zone Heimerdinger 31.Victorious Jarvan IV 32.Phantom Karthus 33.Judgment Kayle 34.Deadly Kennen 35.Lion Dance Kog'Maw 36.Vizier Malzahar 37.Mafia Miss Fortune 38.Noxus Poppy 39.Mr. Mundoverse 40.Rageborn Mundo 41.Leopard Nidalee 42.Hextech Sion 43.Ironscale Shyvana 44.Boneclaw Shyvana 45.Triumphant Ryze 46.Surgeon Shen 47.Buccaneer Tristana 48.Workshop Shaco 49.Super Teemo 50.Badger Teemo 51.Bandit Sivir 52.Musketeer Twisted Fate 53.Special Weapon Zac 54.Butcher Urgot 55.Leprechaun Veigar 56.Hyena Warwick 57.Dragonslayer Vayne Runes: Quintessences 3x +1.0 Gold per 10 3x +3.3 armor pen. 3x +26 Health 4x +38 Mana 3x +5.0 Ability Power 3x +4.3 armor 3x +2.3 Physical Dmg 3x +1.5% Move Speed Glyphs: 2x +0.64% Attack Speed 9x +0.99 Mana regen / 5 at level 18 9x -0.65 Cooldown 9x +3.1 Ability power at level 18 9x 0.68 Magic pen 3x 11 Mana 9x +1.2 Ability power 9x +0.70 Armor 9x +2.7 Magic Resist at level 18 3x +0.28 Physical Dmg 9x +1.3 Magic resist Seals: 7x +0.25 gold per 10 8x 1.2 mana regen/5 at lvl18 9x 1.9 ap at lvl18 9x 21 mana at lvl18 7x 0.42 crit chance 3x 0.59 ap 9x 1.4 armor 9x 0.43 physical dmg 9x +19 health at lvl18 Marks: 9x +0.90 Armor pen. +0.61 Magic Pen 9x 1.7 Attack speed 9x 1.7 Armor pen 9x 0.95 Magic pen 6x 5.9 Mana 10x 0.26 Mana regen/5 9x 0.91 armor 9x 0.95 physical dmg 300 euro, i don't go first.(I'm trusted another site) :balu36666
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