WTS: Diamond account with all champs and many skins

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    This account has many things including -Diamond 4 in solo q (only 15games played in diamond) -Permanent spot on Diamond 3 team -Permanent spot on Challenger 5s team -Owns all the champs -15k ip 70 skins including Panda Annie Magnificent Twisted Fate Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Battlecast Urgot Aether Wing Kayle Judgement Kayle Viridian Kayle Unchained Alistar Pax Sivir Spectacular Sivir Superhero Teemo Celestine Soraka Feral Warwick Rocket Girl Tristana Firefighter Tristana Rocket Girl Tristana Sasquatch Nunu Nunu bot Amerthyst Ashe Blackthorn Morgana Koi Nami Surfer Singed Kingpin Twitch Jurassic ChoGath Sad Robot Amumu Full Metal Rammus Mr.Mundoverse Toxic Dr.Mundo Guqin Sona Arcade Sona Red Baron Corki Dragonwing Corki Urfrider Corki Traditional Karma Victorious Janna Leprechaun Veigar Officer Caitlyn iBlitzcrank Warring Kingdoms Jarvan 4 Eternum Nocturne Cryocore Brand Sewn Chaos Orianna Jade Fang Cassiopeia Dragon Fist Lee Sin Heartseeker Vayne Leopard Nidalee Scuba Gragas Vandal Gragas Oktoberfest Gragas Nurse Akali Frosted Ezreal Nottingham Ezreal Mignight Ahri Yellow Jacket Shen Steel Legion Lux Jurrasic KogMaw Arclight Varus Blight Crystal Varus AstroNautilus Riot Graves Hired Gun Graves Fisherman Fizz Soul Reaver Draven Dragon Trainer Lulu Pool Party Ziggs Bloodstone Lissandra Debonair Jayce Mecha KhaZix Deep Terror Thresh Special Weapon Zac pm me on if you're interested: xforxzample we will use middle man
Thread Status:
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