WTS Diamond 1 50LP

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    Diamond 1 50 LP Season 2 Triple Diamond, 3v3,5v5,Solo queue around 90 champs Original owner, Secured Info 7 Rune pages 13k ip 600 rp Black Frost anivia,eagle anivia,snow cait, blue draven, mafia graves, S2 janna, S1 jarvan,harbinger kass, mecha kha, karate kennen, prestigious lb, dragon lee, metal gear lux, purple mf, french nid, battle bunny riven, TRIAUMPHANT RYZE, tango tf, PAX SIVIR, red xerath, Cupid vayne Im off to college in a bit and got bored of the game. I just made this forum account so i can sell my ID. Add me on with price, Buklau kim
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.