[WTS] Dex 3x - Elf Feoh Wiz 94/Dual Wynn Summoner

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    Feoh Wizzard level 94 with dual class Wynn Summoner 85 and 2 subclasses 80 lvl Wind rider and 80 lvl Eva's Saint. Twilight set +3 +60 attribute, Apo Retributer +3 300 Att, Twilight jwls +3 For seraph set needs only Tunic and Circlet (Arround 200kk current AH price) rest of the parts have some Att on them. 1 unbind scroll (800kk curent value in AH), 3 Weapon Seal scrolls (you can get them only from donate packs), some vita pots, 370.000 bssr. I can provide full infos on the account : e-mail account, security questions, etc. So you dont really need to move the character or change e-mail adress unless you really want to (25 euros to do that). Pm me on forum if interested for more informations.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.