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    Completed sales/vouches: Since these items/currency are being sold on multiple similar forums and advertising other sites is not allowed, all completed sales/vouches will be provided trough PM if requested. --- Welcome to my currency shop. For the time being, only default currency is being sold, might include hardcore in the future. You will find my rates always bellow others here on eNpc. If you are looking to purchase some high quality equipment, quality gems or perhaps the whole account, you can find all info in this thread: --- [Default/Softcore] High value account/equipment --- Orbs currently in stock: Exalt ------ 37 Divine ----- / Gcp ------- 13 Regal ------ 4 Chaos ----- 67 Regret ----- 9 Blessed ---- 7 Chisel ------ 156 Alch ------- 43 Fusing ----- 49 Scouring --- 10 Jeweller ---- 105 Chance ---- 94 Chromatic -- 137 Alteration -- 1000+ And a lot of whetstones, scraps and baubles. Payment methods: - Paypal (I am paypal verified) - Western union as alternative for everything else - I am willing to do several small trades or even go first (for highly trusted members) to assure buyers everything is legit Contact info - step by step: - Post here before Pm-ing me (to avoid impersonators) - I will then provide info, price list and vouches from various sites I am selling equipment/gems/currency - Pay for the amount you desire - Receive orbs in game - Leave feedback in this thread Warning for potential scammers: - every trade/ conversation will be recorded - I am not doing this the first time so just don't bother Currency stash screenshots: Returning buyers receive 5% discount - - - Updated - - - My other thread should be ignored/deleted. From now on, this is my only thread for currency sale.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.