WTS: [Default EU] Acc 82dual totem cold +81 witch summoner

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    dont know is there any1 intresting in EU acc here but il make a try. acc with premium stash tab bundle (+6 adjustable tabs) ://imageshack.us/g/822/defxq.jpg/ 82lvl dual totem cold templar. Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile 81lvl witch summoner Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile also as bonus 48 melee templ and 39 EK shadow i dont count it. 2 andvarius 71 and 79% + some pretty things like very rare arm helm with hp and chaos res (was offered 6exa for it but worth more i beleve) and more random items in stash i will not list it because trying to trade all for orbs in case if i cant sell acc in 1 peice and use to sell only orbs. Now im in middle of selling arm helm, already have 6exalted offer so u can count on it too. main gems: fast cast lvl19 q20 iron will lvl19 q19 18 lvl 20q: FP, ice spear, LMP, elemental proliferation, frostbite add lighting damage lvl 14 q20 critical weakness lvl 15 q17 bear trap lvl 18 q13 add fire lvl 19 q7 fire trap lvl 18 q17 summon skeletons lvl 19 q12 minion life lvl19 q9 raise zombie lvl19 q13 minion damage lvl 18 q13 raise spectre lvl 18.6 no q. item quantity lvl18 q20 faster projectile almost 18 q20. added chaos almost 19 no q. portal gem orbs in stash atm: 440 alter 458 chrom 20 jeweller 50 alch 43 fusing 13 scouring 7 regret 8 blessed 63 chance 86 chaos 23 gcp 3 regal 13 67map 1 68 verified paypal. nireeus 500$ for all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.