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    US PC SERVER Level 30 Nature Acrobatics (Main Char) 130 Skill Points Full T4 PvE LOTS OF STYLES UNLOCKED over 1K hours played Full T3 Modded PvE Healer set in bank Level 30 Gadgets Superspeed Troller 75 Skill Points Full T3 PvE Level 30 Sorcery Healer 51 Skill Points T3/3.5 PvE Level 30 Fire Tank 55 Skill Points T3/3.5 PvE Level 30 Ice Tank 43 Skill points T2 Mixed w/alot of other gear Level 30 Lightning DPS 49 Skill Points T2.5 set Level 30 Gadget Troller Villain 75 Skill Points T2.5 mixed w/T3 Level 30 Mental Controller 42 Skill Points T2-3.5 mixed I put in a lot of time on my main character. A lot of styles are unlocked and collected. A lot of plans for mods have also been collected, I have the majority of mod plans beta,alpha etc... & 1-3 collected. I maybe missing maybe only 2 plans in mod 3's not collected. I have some mod 4 plans but it is not complete. All world investigations, briefings are done. All world collections are done (YES EVEN VALENTINES DAY DLC which was skipped this year). Some of the newer DLC collections are not done (i.e. Aquaman). All races are done, superspeed, acrobatics, flight all mastered and platinum (YES even Catwoman race is platinum). I have 3 prime weapons. A lot of the styles from other roles are completed in FoS 1/2 i.e. Controller/Healer/DPS. I am missing Tank l from last boss in FoS2. T4 styles are not complete, some T3 styles from other roles are collected due to Mark of Krypton cap. Need more information? Have questions? Post them. I still regularly maintain the account as best as I can on seasonal playerup and new content. All you need to do for this account is to keep maintaining it to keep up with all the updates. There aren't much things left to do on the main character except grindy feats i.e. win 100 blah blah blah PvP matches, collect out of role styles, break 1K treasure chests etc...majority of the Prime Battleground feats are done, maybe only missing 3. Price: $400 firm no negotiations
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.