WTS: DCUO High CR Villain Troller/DPS Tank and Healer

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    looking too sell or trade Account has Lightning and Lantern DLC Information is not extremely acurate. I posted the minimums. Actual combat ratings and skill points might be slightly higher. All characters are villains All characters are acrobats Inventory expanded to 70 slots (you'll get 20 more if you go legendary) Light Sheeda Back (Butterfly Wings) Some lantern deputization tokens lying around. Main Character: Lantern Controller Small Spark Body Combat Rating: 71 Skill Points: 60+ 874 Dominance in troller mode and 900+ vitalization 2-3 pieces of T3 Dual Pistols Troller Epic Sparc Weapon Martial arts Epic Sparc DPS Weapon 56+ CR DPS Gear Alt: Fire Tank Small Striker Body Combat Rating: 60+ One piece of t3 PvE Tank Gear Skill Points: 68 Good PVP Gear. 2300 Toughness in DPS Have T1 PVP 3 T2 PVP Pieces and 120 MoK DW Weapon. DPS Gear Unlocked Legends Characters: Nightwing, Huntress, Bane, Catwoman Alt: Lightning Healer Small Brute Body Combat Rating: 56+ Skill Points 40 Only some Healer gear. This was an alt made out of league necessity for healers so I didn't bother much with him.
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