WTS: DCUO Acoount lvl 30 Healer and Dps Server Eu

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    Hi. WTs my acc. 2 caracter have on the acc :redflag113 Caracter name :pokethem Mentor:Superman Power:Nature Movement: Superspeed World:EUPC CR:48 Skillpont:48 Cash:1253$ 35k$ in bank PVE set: wep:lvl 52 staff 97.1 DPS head: lvl 51 back: lvl 51 chest : lvl 40 healer l: lvl 40 healer face: 51 healer Shoulder: 56 (50*mark of distinction) hands: 51 waits:40 healer feet: 46 healer (45 mark of triumph) evry accesry lvl 40 item PVP set: wep: don't have head:archangel role:Hero back:350 influence role: healer chest:550 influence role :healer l:archangel role :hero face: shoulder:400 influence role healer hands:350 influence role healer waits:350 influence role healer feet:50 mark of conquest role healer Caracter name :GreeNFlag Mentor:Superman Power: ICE Movement: FLY World:EUPC CR:42 Skillpont:50 Cash:250$ 20k$ in bank PVE set: wep: head: lvl 38 back: lvl 46 (40 mark of triumph) chest : lvl 46 (60 mark of triumph) l: lvl 46 (60 mark of triumph) face: 40 Shoulder: 46 (50 mark of triumph) hands: 46 (45 mark of triumph) waits:38 feet: 46 (45 mark of triumph) 2 rings evry accesry lvl 40 item ( don't have pve neck and trinket) PVP set: wep: 120 mark of counquest DualWield 775 influence RIFLE head:500 influence back:350 influence chest:550 influence l:550 influence shoulder:400 influence hands:50 mark of conquest waits:350 influence feet:50 mark of conquest evry accesory and trinket from influence
Thread Status:
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