WTS: Custom Eve Online characters at your choice !!! Safe, legit and cheap !!!

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    Ok guys ... i just had a brilliant idea for the ones who are searching to buy a character for real money. For those who don't know me yet , i already sold aprox 1200 $ worth of eve online isk / characters + a couple hundreds more in WoW accts. I also have for sale 60 b isk at the moment of this post (See thread : It`s me again , WTS 60 b isk - cheap , safe and legit !) Instead of having to choose from only a couple of characters this forum have for offer (and who might be not trained for your needs) , you can choose ANY CHARACTER at all from official Eve Online Character Bazaar forum and i will buy it for you !!! This is a link to eve forums Character Bazaar section. s://forums.eveonline/default...g=topics&f=277 I am offering you this service : - You can choose any character (or multiple characters) you see on that forum , i have 60b isk currently . - I WILL CONTACT THE SELLER , NOT YOU ! You will link me the thread and i will discuss the deal and do everything else . You will get proof for the ammount the character was bought for (screenshot from my wallet with the ammount sent + confirmation post in the selling thread) - I will pay for it with isk , and transfer it DIRRECTLY to your account , so in CCP's eyes will look like a total legit character sale, character vs isk. - I get paid with $$ and everybody will be happy. I will value the isk at 15 $ per billion spent to buy the character , which is WAY cheaper than any place on this forum. Additionally , you will benefit of my time & experience free of charge. Advantages of my service : - The most important thing , THIS WAY OF PURCHASING CHARACTERS IS 100% SAFE , because if you purchase a character from forums you will not give the seller (enaugh) isk to look legit in CCP's eyes. - If you are new to Eve and you are not sure exactly how to pick a good trained character for a specific purpose, i can help you to pick a good char with my 6 years of Eve Online experience , free of charge ! - You have an extremly large palette of characters to choose from , there is 100% guarantee to find whatever you might need ... from pve alts / pvp based / whatever industry branch you need / scouts-explorers / miners . - It will most likely be cheaper than whatever characters you might find here (i saw people asking 250-300 $ for 10-12 b worth character which would cost you 150-180$ when trading with my service) - You can also purchase isk from me to fund your new character needs (whatever they might be, from shiny ships to industrial resources and materials) with an additional security factor since it wouldn`t be strange to send isk from the buyer of the character to his new purchased alt - I can assist you in any issue related to your new purchased character (training plan, etc). My budget for buying eve characters is 60 billion isk , that is enaugh for any request , even for 130-150m SP characters . I will only take orders from 10b up (150 $ + worth), because it would be pointless to spend time in getting in touch with the seller (which is a pain in the *** sometimes) and sort everything out for less . If you order a character worth less than 10b isk , you will get the remaining isk in the wallet of your new character . This means i can please maximum 6 customers (possibly less) so be fast or be sorry ^^ You can contact me on aim / messenger (see sig for id's) or i can contact you on / icq / (you will pm me with your id for this) if you really can't use aim / ym . I am online on aim / ym almost all day .
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