[WTS] Current Gold RANKED Elo Rating - 85/88 Champions - Tons of Skins - 9Rune Pages w/ T3s

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    Hello Readers! I am CONSIDERING selling this dream of a League of Legends account. I have hundreds and hundreds of dollars invested in this account and take a lot of pride in it. The account is currently Gold Rated in Ranked Games, contains nearly every champion (with IP incoming from dodge runes, it would be feasible to own the last few), tons of skins with at least one skin for a good majority of champs in the game(including Artic Warfare Caitlyn), and 9 Rune Pages purchased which can be filled with the runes I will list below. Why am I selling? I've done about as much in this game as I care to do. I'd like to put the money towards parts to build my next PC for the next game I'm planning on playing. Champs NOT CURRENTLY OWNED(aka, I own the other 85): Leona Yorick Rumble Tier 3 Runes (FULL SETS) REDS: Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration, Attack Speed, Physical Damage YELLOWS: Flat Armor, Dodge, Mana Ragen / 5, Health Per Level BLUES: Flat Cooldown Reduction, Attack Speed, Ability Power Per Level, Magic Resist Per Level QUINTESSENCES: Physical Damage, Attack Speed, Gold Per 10, Armor Penetration, Flat Health, Magic Penetration, Flat Ability Power, Movement Speed Health Regeneration Per 5 Also, please note several instances of Positive Feedback from previous successful trades. Will accept payments via paypal only, absolutely no trades of any sort. I am not sure if I am going to be selling the account, but I'm certainly willing to field some offers. Contact me via private message on these boards and please reply in thread before you send.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.