WTS: CRAZY BUNDLE SALE 130$+ in value bid starts at 100$ b/o is 140$ (AUCTION)

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    Have sold before on this site, will do prompt delivery when money received on paypal. payment type is payment owed (please do not try to scam with credit card purchase and cancelling charges) my name is Aznozboii, i am on most of the time pst until 1-3am is when i get off depending on the day. Also, if interested in Tera MT US gold can add me or send me a pm!!. This is on Softcore US server! This is an auction so either leave bids here or in pms and I will update, if bids are the same the first person that messages me gets the bid. This will end within 1 week. Not in a hurry 3 exalted : 33 (11)ea 1 divine: 7 (7)ea 16 chaos: 11 (.65roughly each) 26 alcehmy: 9 (.35)each 4 gemcutter prism: 8 (2)ea 10 blessed: 6.5 (.65) ea 8 regal: 11 (1.35 roughly each) 11 orb of regret: 7.15 (.65) ea 36 orb of scouring: 10.8 (.30)ea 115 orb of fusing: 34.5 (.30)ea Extra - bonus 3 orb of alteration 3 orb of chance 3 orb of augmentation 1 jeweler orb 20 blacksmith's whetstone 40 armourer's scrap 200 wisdom scrolls
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.